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CS-1 Friability Tester
2009-2-2 13:50:40
Model CS-1 Friability Tester
CS series of friability tester, which are the newly researched to test friability, they are used to test friable situation and other physical property of non-coating tablets, for example crushing intensity etc. this product had passed the test of the national legal quality superviser department, its main technical parameters had reached or exceeded advanced level of similar product at home and abroad.
Main features
l        It adopts single-chip mini-type computerized control, it has the high precision of control of rolling speed of cylinder and rolling circle numbers of cylinder.

l        The panel of instrulment adopts PC film, lightly touch button, display with digital tube.
The main original parts and spare parts of whole machine adopt import or domestic manufactured excellent products.

l        Reasonable structure of whole machine, excellent performance, simple operation, working reliability
Technological parameter

Inner size of cylinder

Diameter: 286mm depth: 39mm
Sliding height
Rolling speed scope of cylinder
Rolling spedd precision of cylinder
Rolling circle numbers scope of cylinder
Power supply
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