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Semi-automatic Bag Packaging Machine
2009-2-2 13:27:23
DCS-1B3 Semi-automatic Bag Packaging Machine
Stainless steel: conforming to the GMP and food health authentication, suitable for packaging the corrosion resistance chemical products.
PLC touch screen and man-machine interface: PLC works stably, antijamming, high weighing precision, convenient and easy operation; Weighing feedback proportion track type, overcoming the shortcoming of changes of packaging weight caused by the changes of material proportion.
Servo motor-driven: high precision location, strong torque, long life, adjustable rotational speed.
Speed reducer: low noise, long life and lifelong maintenance.
Packaging weight adjustable at any time, operating condition changeable as necessary, convenient operation
Adjustment parameter of each kind of product can be stored for later use but not more than ten.
The entire seal air damping glass and stainless steel hopper, clear sound of the material, no dust releasing, with dust exhaust apparatus at the mouth of filling, keeping the workshop clean.
Can adapt the ultra fine dust to the big pellet and so on the many kinds of materials by replacing the screw attachment.
Technical parameter
Metering mode
Screw rotation filling traced by weighing feedback
Packaging weight
10-5000gscrew attachment changeable
Weighing range
1-6000gResolution 1g
Packaging precision:
Packaging weight
100g with an error ܡ0.5-1g
Packaging weight
100-1000g with an error ܡ0.5%-1%
Packaging weight
>1000g with an error ܡ0.25%-0.5%
Packaging rate
Power supply
Three-phase 380Vor single phase 220V50-60Hz
Total power
Hopper volume
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