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Tabletop Steam Sterilizer
2009-1-23 10:34:24

Tabletop Steam Sterilizer

---- TMQ-230KA & 300E----
TMQ-230KA steam sterilizer is a convenient and reliable steam sterilizer, rational capacity with cost-efficiency and small external dimensions. It was specially designed for Laboratory, Health Care centers, Out-patient clinics and as stand-by unit on operation departments. It is making use of steam to sterilizer by a immersion heater.  This type of sterilizer offers trays and bracket to compart the space in the chamber as effective and convenient. It is a safe, efficient sterilizer.
²     According international standard Grade N of prEN13060 that is special for small steam sterilizer.
²       Micro control unit, and automatic control for all the running cycle.
²       Both steam and water is Circulatory inside for the clean Environment.
²       Automatic drying function after sterilized.
²       The chamber is made of the top quality modular and acid-proof stainless steel.
²       Manually operated door with safe lock, it was proved save, convenience and saving space.
²       Water saving system - low running costs
²       Environment-friendly operation.
                TMQ-230KA/300E                         Trays & Bracket
Technical Parameter
Working pressure
0.21MPa  or  0.11MPa
0.21MPa  or  0.11MPa
Working temperature
132℃  or  121℃
132℃  or  121℃
16 L
30 L
Inner dimension
Φ230×365 mm
Φ300×480 mm
External dimension
W450× H365× L525 mm
W540× H560× L650 mm
2.5Kw    220V/50Hz. 1.7KW
2.5Kw    220V/50Hz. 1.7KW
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