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BZS-I suppositories
2009-1-15 13:46:24
BZS-I semi-auto suppositories filling and sealing machine
Work process
This machine that combines mechanism and electric is new equipment that is developed by our company for suppository production, and it can accomplish filling, forming with low temperature, sealing and plastic and cutting of single plate.
Working principle
The drug liquid that is confected well is filled into liquid barrel, there are stirring device and constant temperature system and liquid level observing device in liquid barrel, drug liquid was filled into measuring pump by peristaltic pump, and then it passes six filling nozzles, they are filling at the same time, and enter into the unit of low temperature forming, and accomplishment the change of Liquid—Solid, at last sealing, and plastic and cutting forming.

Technical features
It adopts special measuring structure, high precision filling, accurate measurement, no drug-dropping, and abrasion-resistance, used for filling Chinese medicine and glutin medium with high viscidity.
It adopts PLC program control. High automation, it can adapt to the suppository production with different volumes and different shapes.
It is equipped with peristaltic pump continuous circle system, and guarantee not curdling while stopping of machine.
It adopts heating sealing and plastic technology, flatness and lubricity of suppository.
It has the function of printing of batch number.
Technical data:
3000-6000 grains/hour
Dose Error
Dose per grain
Shape of suppository
Torpedo, duck mouth, bullet and other special shapes.
Number of cutting grain of single plate
1-10 grains
Electric Source
380V three phases, A.C.
Air pressure
Air Consumption
Overall dimension
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