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BZ400 wraping
2009-1-15 13:43:28
BZ400 wraping packing machine
The machine may be applicable to medicine,food, cosmetics and other relevant industries, it can take the amount of your fixing box into six side sealing by using the film. The appearance of packed product is very beautiful. It can provide moistening and reduce the packing cost.
The machine mainly adopts the servo motors as movement parts, PLC controls the machine, it can do procedure in proper is material unrolling, carton feeding, side sealing & cutting and so on. It unifies machine, electricity and air. The structure is simple and
The overall design and manufacture process are in auord with the GMP standard
The machine is controlled by PLC.
The operation and controlling is no need expertise and special tools.
The preheating plate of the horizontal sealing station and vertical seating station is feature in even heating and reliable control with only ±2 degree deviation which can be widely used in packing material.
The machine is on and off at any time, the pack and film has no affedt.
There will need no special tools required for replacement on adjusting mould in a shore time .
Easy manual operation on transmission system and other parts with convenient daily maintenance.
Technical data:

Length of carton

Width of carton
Height of carton
Length of stack
Width of stack
Height of stack
Width of material
Length of a piece of material
Inner diameter of material roller
Outer diameter of material roller
Speed for single carton
80 stacks/min
Speed for multi carton
30 stacks/min
Air consumption
Total power
Weight of machine
Dimesnion of machine
2300~2820 X 1410mmX1600mm
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