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Encapsule filler
2009-1-15 13:02:42
The standard production system comprises a Main machine,Capsule conveyor, Tumbler Drier, Control Panel and Auxiliary components. It is importment that this system is designed precisely for the preparation of both the gelatin base which forms the capsule shell, and product to be encapsulated. Soft gelatin capsules are continuously fomed and simultaneously filled by the encapsulating machine and carried by a stainless steel shain onveyor to tumblerdrier for 1st,stage drying. The tumbler drier had five revolving, cylindrical baskets, four lf which are fed with conditioned air, the capsules being transferred progressively through the baskets. Final stage drying is carried out in a drying room. This standard production system produce the soft gelatin capsules with different shapes which is provided anunique dosage presentation for pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and cosmetics which is in the form of non-aqueous liquids, oils, suspensions and pastes. The temperature of whole system is controlled specially and the Dierolls. Injection segment and spreader boxes of Main machine are manufactured by special material, while the Tumbler Dries is stainless steelmade. The characteristics of this system is in correspondence with the similar machine sole in international market. The quality of phamaceutcal products meets the requirements of Chinese Phamacopeia, BP and USP. We could afford the soft encap sulating machine, necessary accessories and spare parts, according to the customers requesting. The new model borizon gelatine onveyor is safety and lower working house requirement, which uses press air to sent gelatine to the ribbon made structure.
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Technical data of  Main machine ( Encapsulating machine )
Main machine consists a of a base assembly and drive motor, a column assembly with gelatin ribbon. Casting drums in either side, die-roll housing assembly driving two matched die-rolls and a housing containing product metering pump connected to a injection segment it is used to encapsulate soft gelatin capsules under definite temperature to be controlled independently.
·  Main technical parameters
Size of rolling moulds
Dosage filling tolerance
Roll Speed
up to 4RPM stepless speed requlation
Supply volume flow single pillar piston
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