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eyedrop filler
2009-1-15 13:00:14

The automatic eyedrop filling, pullging and capping machine type MSDE

This machine is integrated with mechanical device, electrical control and pneumatic components. It has many functions of automatic bottle neatening, bottle detecting (filling with bottle, non-filling without bottle), bottle feeding and filling, inner plugging and external capping. It is fitted to not only rotundity bottles but also other irregular bottles such as flat bottles or triangle bottles bottles especially the local packing material in function. The total eligibility rate is up to 99% (including the feeding accuracy, the plugging rate and the capping rate). Compare with similar machines manufacturing abroad, it is much lower in the price and more suitable for local eyedrop bottles and other irregular bottles with biggish error.
The high quality of this machine fully embodies our advantage on design and manufacture of non-standard machine and product, and this automatic eyedrop filling, plugging and capping machine fully accords with the GMP criterion.
The is machine has a filling volume from 2~20ml and a filling capacity of more than 60 bottles per minute. The accuracy of filling , plugging and capping is up to 99%. The users need to supply a compress air system which has a pressure large than 5kg/cm2 and a flux of 0.06m3/min. The weight of the machine is about 520kg and the power is 1.1kw, 220V.
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