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KGX×8 Oral Liquid
2009-1-15 12:52:06

Model KGX×8 Oral Liquid Bottle Filling and Cap-Clamping Machine

Model KGZX8 Oral Liquid Bottle Filling and Cap-clamping Machine is applied to fill and cap-clamp for oral liquid preparations of 5-25ml and other liquid, and it is a high capacity oral liquid filling and cap-clamping machine.

Satisfies the GMP standard
High output is due to fill and cap-clamp in 8 stations

Supplied with a device to ensure that failure to fill with shortage of bottles

Adopted PLC control and touch screen for display and operation

Adopted a speed control mode using frequency converter to control the productive capacity
Can supply GMP verification documents and give assistance for that pass GMP verification
Operation theory :
The bottles are fed into the filling and cap-clamping machine by a guide and an adjustable pitch screw bolt, and fed into filling tray with 8 stations by a driver disk which is clockwise rotated. The feed liquid are supplied by glass pump and filled by that tracking for the syringe needle and lifting action. The bottles that already filled with feed liquid are fed into a clockwise rotating disk with 8 stations for cap clamping by three reversible rotating disks. The aluminum caps (replace the rubber corks) are tracked and clamped on the bottle mouth by 8 flexible three tools type clamping chuck. Then, the aluminum caps (replace the rubber corks) are sequentially arranged by oscillating feeder, and fed on the conveying belt by a guide and covered with the bottle mouth. After that, the bottles that filled with oral liquid and cap-clamped are fed out by an out –reed-rotating disk and fed into an out-feeding tray
Technical data:
1)Power Supply: 380V,50 Hz
2)Suitable Specifications: 5-25ml
3)Gross Power: 2.2kw
4)Measuring Error: ±2%
5)Breaking Rate: ≤ 1%
6)Qualified Rate of Cap-clamping and Sealing : ≥ 97%
7)Gross Weight: about 1300 kg
8)Overall Site(L×W×H): 2850×1400×2000mm
9)  Capacity: For 2-25 ml: 100-200 bottles/min
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