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MHGS Liquid
2009-1-15 12:49:22
HGS Liquid Bottle Filling &Corking Machine
Model HGS Liquid Bottle Filling & Corking Machine is the new generation machine, which is developed by our technicians who referred to advanced technique of foreign countries. It is suitable for medicine bottle of 2-100 ml antibiotic-bottle, infusion bottle. It features advanced control instruments, accurate filling, stable function, good out-face, so that, it is ideal filling corking machine for liquid injection and freeing-drying medicines.
Imported filling system with peristaltic pump has high filling accuracy.
Have complete one hundred (100) stage laminar flow purifying protection systems.
Supplied with a device which ensures that failure to fill with shortage of bottles.
Have a device which ensures automatically account.
Adjust speed by frequency conversion.
Satisfies the G.M.P. standard. We can supply G.M.P. verification documents and give assistance for pass G.M.P. verification.
Operation the
After killed bacterium and desiccated bottles are fed into the conveying disk and into u-chamfer of dividing disk which clockwise rotate intermittently. The bottles are filled and corked at the same time on two stations of 30 and 90. After that, Bottles are rotated intermittently under the action lf guide and fed into guide of out –feeding tray. All operation of one hundred (100) stages purifying laminar flow. An imported peristaltic pump filling system is adopted on filling equipment.
Technical data:
1)Power source: 380V 50 Hz
2)Power: 1.5w
3)Purifying grade: one hundred grade
4)Method of filling: creed-pump
5)Error of filling: ±2%
6)Speed control: frequency conversion speed adjustment.
7)Noise Of single machine: ≤ 70dB
8)Weight: about 700kg
9)Overall size (length×width×height): 1200×900×2050(mm)
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