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blood separator
2009-1-13 17:05:13
Type GFXB105 blood separator
Main Usage:

Type GFXB105 is one kind of tubular separator. This machine is the improved one on the base of the original separator and through experiment again and again.GFXB105 can be extensively used in separating blood plasma and cell of human being、pig、cow、sheep and chicken etc. The main feature of it is the high yield and the rate of broken blood cell can be reduced to the lowest extent. The contact parts between the separator and materials are made of stainless steel, which can meet the requirements of medicine production industry.



albumen→additive for food or feedingstuff
thrombin→medicine in chemical or biology
albumin, immune globin

albumenadditive→for food or feedingstuff
SOD→medicine in chemical or biology, cosmetic
haemachrome→medicine in chemical or biology
additive for painting
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